Cheveyo American Akitas
 - Dogs with Spirit

Ty-Ohni - "Sukari's Triple Draw Ty-Ohni"

2006 - 2015

There's a hole in my heart where a dog used to be.
She's nuzzled my soul and is now part of me.
Her pain is her life and I know what to do.
But when I release her, I'm losing me, too.

The puppy I cradled eight years ago
is a ninety pound bundle of love and I know
that she'd lick away all of my tears if she could.
It's her sense of duty to make me feel good.

It's my obligation to do what is best.
The love of her "masters" is put to the test.
It's a wrenching and sorrowful way that we part;
it doesn't hurt less when the head rules the heart.

There's a hole in our hearts where our Ty has passed through.
When we say goodbye part of us will go too.

“When it's dark enough, you can see the stars”

Female (Imp. UK)
Date of Birth: October 16, 2006
Gail & Gary Parsons

HD A - Patella free - Eyes clear