Cheveyo American Akitas
 - Dogs with Spirit

Bayzo - "van het Hof van Bloemendaal"

1991 - 2002

Bayzo was my first American Akita, my pal through thick and thin. What a lovely character he had: loyal, social, honest, well-balanced and above all an enormous children's friend. Everywhere he went with me. Obediance training was something he enjoyed and he passed the exams without any problems. Our long daily walks in the forest, where he could run without a leash, gave him lost of pleasure, time and time again.

Unexpectedly, without ever been ill, he died of an acute cardiac arrest. The terrible sadness, loss and incomprehension will stick in my mind forever.

"Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed"

Date of Birth: November 19, 1991
Breeder: Willem v. Loon